Rest to See Things Differently

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest so you can recharged for the week. Recently I was working on a project and couldn’t seem to get this one piece to fit correctly. I tried and tried. I even, at one point, started over. But it just wouldn’t come together. I was tempted toContinue reading “Rest to See Things Differently”

Resting by Changing Position

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest so you can be recharged for the week. Have you ever had an injury whether it be a sprain or a break? What’s the first thing the medical team will tell you? Rest. Get your weight off of it. Elevate. Basically change your routine and getContinue reading “Resting by Changing Position”

How to Get Unstuck

It’s Technique Tuesday! Instead of talking about cards or projects today I want to ask you what you do to get unstuck. You know that creative block that happens? What do you do to get your creative mojo flowing again? Here are some ideas to help you get going again creatively. I hope this givesContinue reading “How to Get Unstuck”

The last day of no routine.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to focus on resting and recharging. Since the kids have had a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday it seems that I should focus on the fact that this is the last day of no routine in my house. Tomorrow will be back to school and it willContinue reading “The last day of no routine.”

Remembering what day it is.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today is the day to focus on resting, re-charging, and breaking your routine. I don’t know about you but some weeks everything seems to blend together. Every day you wake up and begin to work and it all just seems to be the same. No day looks different and it all isContinue reading “Remembering what day it is.”

Rest is a good thing.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest. Aaaagggghhhh. It’s amazing to me how a couple hours, days, weeks, whatever you have taken off can sharpen the mind. A change of scenery does the body and mind so good. Recently I took a week off and was amazed how a little extra sleep andContinue reading “Rest is a good thing.”

Resting makes you strong.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Are you ready to be strong? Sometimes when you feel the most fragile you need to become strong. If you’ve gone through a tragedy or just simply a ton of mental exercise at work, home, whatever remember to take a break. Your perspective will be better and you will come back stronger.Continue reading “Resting makes you strong.”

Breaking from the routine.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Is it possible to break out of the routine? Are you able to slow down enough to rest? For me this is a much needed break. I run about a hundred miles an hour all the time so for me it is a must to force myself to slow down. So howContinue reading “Breaking from the routine.”

Taking a break.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! What do you do to take a break? I know many of you that teach are in the middle of grading and report cards. I know some of you are doing inventory and others are working on year end reports. So when everything is done how do you relax? How do youContinue reading “Taking a break.”

Rest is often a break from the routine.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  This is the day to rest and re-charge.  Rest can be defined as a break from the routine.  So, I will ask you, how do you break from the routine?  I need some ideas for the bunch of us to do.  Here’s what is being contemplated. In October the play “Carrie” isContinue reading “Rest is often a break from the routine.”

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