Missing you.

It’s Management Monday! Here’s what’s happening this week. There’s still not much going on, unfortunately. I hope this changes soon. I have posted events on the calendar through July so please scroll up and click on “upcoming events”. This will allow you to plan and have something to look forward to. (And hopefully I don’tContinue reading “Missing you.”

How long is your wish list?

It’s Sale Saturday! I need to ask you…how long is your wish list? Do you need help prioritizing your projects? I am here to help with more than just how something works. I am also here to help you plan and stay in budget. I am open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am – 7Continue reading “How long is your wish list?”

Twitching when you rest.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to focus on resting and recharging for the week. Does this mean doing laundry, stocking up on groceries, or simply watching a movie and not doing much of anything? Well, whatever it means I hope it is restful. I know for me sometimes I tend to twitch whenContinue reading “Twitching when you rest.”

Plan now, stress less later.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today is the day to rest and recharge. With about a month and a half to go before Christmas I am sitting here in my pajamas wondering where the year went. And my second thought is I have some work to do. Christmas cards, swaps, craft fairs, and …and…and… So today IContinue reading “Plan now, stress less later.”

Rest is a good thing.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest. Aaaagggghhhh. It’s amazing to me how a couple hours, days, weeks, whatever you have taken off can sharpen the mind. A change of scenery does the body and mind so good. Recently I took a week off and was amazed how a little extra sleep andContinue reading “Rest is a good thing.”

Finishing up all the planning.

It’s Management Monday! I have done my share of planning and only have a little bit to go. Thank heavens. So here’s what’s happening this week… There is an order going in tonight at 7:30 pm! If you would like to order online please use host code K6UY9JT2 to help me boost the rewards basket.Continue reading “Finishing up all the planning.”

Managing your Monday!

It’s Management Monday! And just like that Spring Break is over and we are back at it! Here’s to getting back into the routine. Here’s what’s happening this week… I am doing a bunch (I mean, a bunch) of planning to get the BOGO sale planned (more details to come on Tuesday’s weekly highlights), theContinue reading “Managing your Monday!”

Resting by cleaning.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! How are you preparing for your week? Are you resting, planning, or picking up some of the piles? I am doing a bit of everything. I am taking inventory and getting things back in order after a three day craft fair. So what do you do to regain control? Happy Crafting! WithContinue reading “Resting by cleaning.”

And we are back to rest.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest or re-charge. Weren’t we just here? It seems like the weeks keep going faster and faster. So what do you do to rest or change up your routine? Since I don’t have customer service hours today I am in the studio. I have all the printedContinue reading “And we are back to rest.”

Managing the week.

It’s Management Monday!  Did you ever realize how much more you get done when you have planned things out and aren’t running everywhere getting things half done?  So let’s get this week off on a good foot. On Thursday we will be out at Betty’s in Yucca Valley to create 3 cards.  If you areContinue reading “Managing the week.”

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