Swaps, Swaps, and More Swaps!

Yes, I think this is the last of it. I think this is the last of the infamous pile I have from OnStage. Here are all the swaps pictured for you in one place. I hope these give you some ideas to get you going. If you have any questions about any of these cardsContinue reading “Swaps, Swaps, and More Swaps!”

Plan now, stress less later.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today is the day to rest and recharge. With about a month and a half to go before Christmas I am sitting here in my pajamas wondering where the year went. And my second thought is I have some work to do. Christmas cards, swaps, craft fairs, and …and…and… So today IContinue reading “Plan now, stress less later.”

And products are starting to sell out.

It’s Sale Saturday! We, as demonstrators, have been doing a good job of showing you the crafters what is cool to have. So, the Purple Posy Ink Pad, Copper Delicata Pad, and the Moose Punch are no longer in stock. With that I will leave you the host code and not much more since IContinue reading “And products are starting to sell out.”

What’s going on.

It’s Management Monday and there’s a bunch that I am preparing for this week.  Shall we get started… I’ve already done inventory for all the craft fair items.  (If you are hoping for something to be created please say so.)  This was in preparation of transferring credit card systems that has a lower fee andContinue reading “What’s going on.”

Re-charge so you can do it again.

Today I am packing up and heading to OnStage!  This is my way of re-charging and getting new ideas for you. In the meantime I have finished my swaps… And I have also finished the card samples for Class next week… The invitations are out so let me know when you are coming (and ifContinue reading “Re-charge so you can do it again.”

Lots of cards this week.

Lots of cards are being created this week.  Lots and lots.  Why?  I am getting ready for OnStage of course.  Here is a photo of my swap. And here are the video links (sorry my internet cut out so there are two videos) on how to make it with a bonus of the stamparatus. AndContinue reading “Lots of cards this week.”

Managing our Monday.

Did you ever notice with enough planning just about anything is possible?  At least this is what I am choosing to believe.  There are quite a few events coming up.  Are you ready? 🙂 This week I am off to OnStage so be looking for contests, blog posts, photos, and fun! Next week is theContinue reading “Managing our Monday.”

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