Dimensionals as a square.

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended! Have you put your stamps on a block and not been able to get them straight? Then use a square. I will often have a pack of dimensionals on my crafting desk. Grab them and use it for a straightContinue reading “Dimensionals as a square.”

What’s going on.

It’s Management Monday and there’s a bunch that I am preparing for this week.  Shall we get started… I’ve already done inventory for all the craft fair items.  (If you are hoping for something to be created please say so.)  This was in preparation of transferring credit card systems that has a lower fee andContinue reading “What’s going on.”

Wreath Card Tutorial

All right…drum roll please…here is the tutorial you have been waiting for.  It will be long but it will be worth it.  At the end of it all you will be able to create a wreath card with a single stamp and a sentiment.  Are you ready?  Let’s go! Cut a piece of Thick VeryContinue reading “Wreath Card Tutorial”

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