How to Get Unstuck

It’s Technique Tuesday! Instead of talking about cards or projects today I want to ask you what you do to get unstuck. You know that creative block that happens? What do you do to get your creative mojo flowing again? Here are some ideas to help you get going again creatively. I hope this givesContinue reading “How to Get Unstuck”

Rest is different to everyone.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest and re-charge. I am amazed at how many different ways there are to rest. Some need to have a fun activity to do, some nap, watch a movie…the possibilities are endless. For today my rest will be at the shopping mall. This is not my versionContinue reading “Rest is different to everyone.”

Retail therapy.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today’s the day to take to rest and re-charge. Since it is Father’s Day it is hubby’s choice on what to do. So it looks like we are driving down the hill to do a little bit of shopping (new flip flops for him) and enjoy a pastrami sandwich at Sherman’s Deli.Continue reading “Retail therapy.”

BOGO is happening!

It’s Sale Saturday! There are a ton of things transitioning right now. If you would like to order online please use host code 6QRJNXBB to help me replenish the rewards basket. Next month’s basket is going to be huge. If you prefer to order in person please contact me before Monday night at 7:30 pm.Continue reading “BOGO is happening!”

Getting ready for BOGO!

It’s Sale Saturday! There are a ton of things transitioning right now. The retiring list is here. If you need your copy please reply with “retiring list”. The Clearance Rack has also been updated this week. There are some great papers, dies, and embellishments there. Check it out…https://www.stampinup.com/ecweb/products/100100/clearance-rack?&dbwsdemoid=2008407. If you would like to order onlineContinue reading “Getting ready for BOGO!”

Resting by shopping?

It’s Sabbath Sunday and I am having a slow morning (thankfully).  While I don’t especially like shopping I know it needs to get done once in a while.  My daughter, Tara, is the same way.  If the fairy with the magic wand could magically make things appear she would do it.  But instead we willContinue reading “Resting by shopping?”

Companies give back.

It’s Friendship Friday!  This is the day to focus on giving back and paying it forward.  I know everyone shops, so today I am going to encourage you to shop smarter.  Many companies are now giving back and it often impacts right down to where you choose. For example, Amazon now has Amazon Smile.  AContinue reading “Companies give back.”

Sun, shopping, and flip flops.

So today instead of resting I am breaking out of the routine.  I am using some hydrating lotion to keep my skin from peeling after yesterday’s Woof Walk.  I didn’t get burned but I’m not used to the wind any more.  And I am doing some shopping.  This crafty girl needs a new pair ofContinue reading “Sun, shopping, and flip flops.”

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