It’s Card Class Week!

It’s Management Monday! Here’s what’s happening this week. There is no Open Day today as I am observing the Labor Day holiday. Card Class is here and starts tomorrow! If you haven’t told me what session you want to attend please let me know. You have until tomorrow to let me know about Thursday andContinue reading “It’s Card Class Week!”

It’s a holiday!

It’s Management Monday! Here’s what’s happening this week. I am closed today for the holiday. I am taking some time for family and to get ahead a bit. So no Open Time today. If you would like to order on Betty’s class please contact me before Wednesday evening. This will be the first order fromContinue reading “It’s a holiday!”

Rest is different to everyone.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest and re-charge. I am amazed at how many different ways there are to rest. Some need to have a fun activity to do, some nap, watch a movie…the possibilities are endless. For today my rest will be at the shopping mall. This is not my versionContinue reading “Rest is different to everyone.”

Seeing the trees.

It’s Sale Saturday! The Holiday Catalog goes live on Wednesday! Get your wishlists ready because we are about to begin. On Wednesday only, the first 12 crafters that either submit online orders with host code MCAYYWX2 to qualify or contact me to give me their list will be able to pick a tree. I willContinue reading “Seeing the trees.”

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