Check In with Your Friends

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. You’ve heard the term what goes around comes around, right? Well, I have had a few full circle moments this week. I have been talking about checking in with those close to you for years. And I know manyContinue reading “Check In with Your Friends”

Post Your Project

It’s Thumbtack Thursday! Today is the day that you share your favorite card or project you have created. Something you have made that you deem worthy of putting up on the board. So share with everyone what you are putting the proverbial thumbtack in to show. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Unraveling is Sometimes a Good Thing

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended! Did you know that most of our ribbons, cords, and twine are made of fabric or natural fibers? This means that you can pull them apart and they won’t completely disintegrate. Instead you will be left with something that resemblesContinue reading “Unraveling is Sometimes a Good Thing”

For Your Dies Only

It’s Technique Tuesday! All right, I have to ask…did you like the title today? I thought it was funny. Moving on…I want to show you how to create a great looking sentiment without using ink. Yes…no ink. I used only dies, adhesive paper, card stock, and foam adhesive sheets. These are the Wanted to SayContinue reading “For Your Dies Only”

Your Personality Dictates How You Recharge

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest so you can be recharged for the week. I have noticed over the years how different people recharge. Depending on your personality depends on how you recharge. If you are an extrovert you tend to… If you are an introvert you tend to… So if youContinue reading “Your Personality Dictates How You Recharge”

Designer Series Paper Sale & More

It’s Sale Saturday! Designer Series Paper Sale From June 1-30 Designer Series Paper will be on sale! Please see the flyer below. You can order online starting June 1 or you can contact me at any time to give me your list. Order Bonus To read about the details for the Order Bonus please goContinue reading “Designer Series Paper Sale & More”

Listening is Key

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. I don’t know how many times I have had a conversation with someone and afterwards I can’t remember much of what we have talked about. And I know other people that you mention something once and they remember itContinue reading “Listening is Key”

Paper for a Necklace

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended! Did you know that our Designer Series Paper can be used for more than cards? Pictured below is a necklace with our new Fresh as a Daisy 12″ X 12″ Designer Series Paper. How else do you use our paper?Continue reading “Paper for a Necklace”

How to Get All of the Glue

It’s Technique Tuesday! Today is more of a tip than a technique. Have you ever been working on a huge project and your glue starts to run out? Well, instead of fighting the bottle, just cut it in half. Use a paint brush, dauber, toothpick, q-tip, or any other tool to get that glue applied.Continue reading “How to Get All of the Glue”

It’s a 2’fer!

It’s Management Monday! Here’s what’s happening this week and maybe a bit beyond. MCAGCC Craft Fair Come on out to the Community Center on base Saturday from 3-8 to get cards and favors as well as so much more! Follow the event at https://fb.me/e/IBmYYygI to stay up to date. If you are picking up anContinue reading “It’s a 2’fer!”

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