Use Tags for a Card

It’s Technique Tuesday! Sometimes what you intend to come out just doesn’t, am I right? I was creating a three layered tag. I liked each layer but not when they were put together. So instead I separated them out to create a card front. What have you pulled apart to make something else? Please takeContinue reading “Use Tags for a Card”

Cut Your Mat

It’s Technique Tuesday! If you want a different look, cut it! For this card I took the mat and a Snips and cut the edge wavy. What other ways can you trim a mat to make it look different? Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Blending with a Soft Touch

It’s Technique Tuesday! Did you see last Tuesday’s technique with videos on how to create and clean the Small Blending Brushes? If not, then please go to https://stampingwithjoni.com/2023/06/06/how-to-use-the-small-blending-brushes/. But this is a reminder to allow the brush’s handle to do the work. Be gentle so you get a soft background and not one with smudges,Continue reading “Blending with a Soft Touch”

How to Use the Small Blending Brushes

It’s Technique Tuesday! I want to show you how to create with the Small Blending Brushes, the completed projects, and how to clean the brushes too. So hold on there’s a bunch on today’s post. First is a video on how to create with the Small Blending Brushes. Please go to https://youtu.be/i05unXbJLhk. Second are theContinue reading “How to Use the Small Blending Brushes”

For Your Dies Only

It’s Technique Tuesday! All right, I have to ask…did you like the title today? I thought it was funny. Moving on…I want to show you how to create a great looking sentiment without using ink. Yes…no ink. I used only dies, adhesive paper, card stock, and foam adhesive sheets. These are the Wanted to SayContinue reading “For Your Dies Only”

How to Get All of the Glue

It’s Technique Tuesday! Today is more of a tip than a technique. Have you ever been working on a huge project and your glue starts to run out? Well, instead of fighting the bottle, just cut it in half. Use a paint brush, dauber, toothpick, q-tip, or any other tool to get that glue applied.Continue reading “How to Get All of the Glue”

Using a Mask to Color

It’s Technique Tuesday! Today I want to talk to you about masking. When you want to color in a portion of a stamp but you don’t want to use a marker, then you mask. You take a scrap piece of card stock and stamp the image again. Cut out the part you want exposed andContinue reading “Using a Mask to Color”

How to Glue a Window Sheet

It’s Technique Tuesday! Pay attention to the decoration on your window sheet so you can glue it without seeing the adhesive. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

How to Assemble the Labels on an Ink Pad

It’s Technique Tuesday! I figured with everything new starting I would put out this video for you on how to assemble the color labels on an ink pad. I hope you find this helpful. The link for the video is https://youtu.be/OLPe7pR88UY. Enjoy! Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

No Ragged Edges

It’s Technique Tuesday! Today I want to show you how a really good set of Designer Series Papers will do all of the talking for you. Sometimes you don’t even need to stamp. But when making your paper the focal point make sure your blades are sharp. You don’t want to have ragged edges. HappyContinue reading “No Ragged Edges”

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