Decorating ribbon.

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended! Today we are grabbing our ink pads and markers with a blank canvas of woven trim from the Flowers for Every Season Ribbon Combo Pack. We are grabbing the middle one in the picture above and stamping on it, coloringContinue reading “Decorating ribbon.”

Lids are palettes.

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended! Do you find yourself having to get up to get a plate or dish to watercolor? Well don’t any longer. Use the lid of your ink pad instead and drop ink from the re-inker. (Just remember to wipe it outContinue reading “Lids are palettes.”

Mastering the swipe.

It’s Tutorial Thursday!  The swipe is not a hard technique but it does take some practice.  If you push too hard you get too much ink or you could damage your pad.  If you push too lightly then you don’t have enough background and have to start over.  There is definitely a sweet spot. SoContinue reading “Mastering the swipe.”

When ink pads are used with no stamps.

It’s Technique Tuesday!  Did you know you could use your ink pads without any stamps?  They create great backgrounds.  Just place your ink pad on your card stock and swipe across the page.  Depending on how deep a color is how much pressure you use. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Contest for today!

Did you think I forgot?  I posted this morning and didn’t put the contest with it.  I didn’t forget.  I promise. So, here’s the contest for today…the first one ordering the Lots of Happy Card Kit today will get a FREE full size Rich Razzleberry ink pad. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

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