Taking a breath.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  I am taking a breath and getting some things caught up today.  My house looks like I have done six events this week.  So I will take out the trash, do some dusting, and probably even vacuum some.  Then I will get to create and get some long-awaited thank you notes out. Continue reading “Taking a breath.”

So grateful to be still.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  In the last few days Joel (hubbie) and I have had some pretty big events. Joel coordinated the first ever Tuba Christmas for our area.  There were about 20 players, merchandise, registration, spectators, and volunteers.  It was a great night for music with perfect weather (55 degrees and virtually no wind).  CongratulationsContinue reading “So grateful to be still.”

Resting by shopping?

It’s Sabbath Sunday and I am having a slow morning (thankfully).  While I don’t especially like shopping I know it needs to get done once in a while.  My daughter, Tara, is the same way.  If the fairy with the magic wand could magically make things appear she would do it.  But instead we willContinue reading “Resting by shopping?”

Resting by giving back.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  While I’m enjoying a slower morning, I will soon be getting ready to go to the Festival of Wreaths at Copper Mountain College.  If you would like to join me it starts at 2 pm. I firmly believe that giving back gives my soul peace knowing that I am helping to supportContinue reading “Resting by giving back.”

Resting by processing

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  This week has been a whirlwind for me.  How was your week? I am resting today by putting my feet up (still in Florida) and processing my notes and going through everything I have jotted and taken pictures of. What is your process for de-compressing after you have received a ton ofContinue reading “Resting by processing”

Are you resting today?

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  Are you resting today for me?  I am on day 2 of the Reach Out Morongo Basin’s Craft Fair.  I am not resting much but I am getting to talk to people and do a bunch of crafting.  It’s a break from the routine but not one with my feet up. IContinue reading “Are you resting today?”

A cushion to rest.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  It’s my day to rest.  When I googled rest and clicked on images a keyboard pad came up.  It was a rest for your wrist when typing so the angle of your hands changes.  This reminds me that every once in a while I need to change how I do things toContinue reading “A cushion to rest.”

Forceful rest.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  Are you resting today?  I hope you are not having to find your front yard after all the rain we’ve had up here in the high desert. I find it funny that sometimes we overbook ourselves and Mother Nature has a way of slowing us down.  In this case it was aContinue reading “Forceful rest.”

Resting with girlfriends.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  Sometimes the best way to re-charge is to check out with a few girlfriends and be a tourist.  So today I am taking a tour of the Orchid Nurseries, the Gem Show, and grabbing lunch.  What do you do for fun? Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

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