Unplugging to re-charge.

It’s Sabbath Sunday for me!  I am resting by getting things cleaned up and getting a few things stamped.  I have many fairs coming up and much to plan for.  And at the end of the day I am hoping to be sitting at the fire pit toasting my marshmallow for my s’more.  I doContinue reading “Unplugging to re-charge.”

Definition of rest.

It’s Sabbath Sunday and it’s my day of rest.  I googled “rest” and several things came up.  These examples are from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. We will not rest until we discover the truth. The workers were resting in the shade. He is resting comfortably after his ordeal. She went to her room to rest forContinue reading “Definition of rest.”

Sometimes failure brings rest.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  Have you ever been so stressed about something that finally coming to the end of it is a relief?  Whether you succeed or fail you are just glad it is over.  And then you seem to sleep for days to get over the ordeal. This is how it is in my homeContinue reading “Sometimes failure brings rest.”

Rest is often a break from the routine.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  This is the day to rest and re-charge.  Rest can be defined as a break from the routine.  So, I will ask you, how do you break from the routine?  I need some ideas for the bunch of us to do.  Here’s what is being contemplated. In October the play “Carrie” isContinue reading “Rest is often a break from the routine.”

Rest is not procrastinating.

It’s Sabbath Sunday and today is my day of rest!  I don’t know when you block out to do something different and restful, but today is my day.  Lately I’ve been reading article after article about how stress affects the nervous system, weight gain, unclear thinking, and on and on.  So, the moral of theContinue reading “Rest is not procrastinating.”

Re-charge with a card.

Sometimes rest and re-charging comes from some interesting places.  I went last night to one of my good friends child’s birthday party.  Of course by the time I got there everyone was already gone.  But sometimes the best memories come in those still moments when everyone has already gone.  She opened her present and gaveContinue reading “Re-charge with a card.”

I need a do-over.

Sometimes resting means going back to bed and starting over.  It is well known that, in general, most people do not get enough sleep.  So if you woke up this morning and felt hungover (and didn’t drink) or simply can’t shake the cobwebs out of your head, I give you permission for a do-over.  GoContinue reading “I need a do-over.”

The calm before the storm.

Have you ever looked at your calendar and almost held your breath because you see everything coming?  That is this week for me.  It always seems to get very busy right before school starts.  Band Camp, Card Class, National Night Out, Alice in Wonderland, and probably a few other things thrown in for good measure. Continue reading “The calm before the storm.”

Feet are up!

My feet are up after having three events in less than three days.  I am feeling it a bit today, especially since one of the events was out in the heat.  But onward and upward we go.  I hope you had fun at the 12th Anniversary Party!  Thank you for coming out! Please remember toContinue reading “Feet are up!”

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