Feet are up!

My feet are up after having three events in less than three days.  I am feeling it a bit today, especially since one of the events was out in the heat.  But onward and upward we go.  I hope you had fun at the 12th Anniversary Party!  Thank you for coming out! Please remember toContinue reading “Feet are up!”

Contests, anniversary party, and more!

I bet you thought I forgot about my 12th Anniversary that was yesterday.  Nope, I didn’t.  I was just busy preparing for the party tonight!  There will be bingo, prizes, favors, food, and a card!  If you are not able to make it tonight I have one contest for you.  Just one.  This contest isContinue reading “Contests, anniversary party, and more!”

Contests, host codes, farmers’ market, and encouragement.

This week is jam packed with all kinds of events.  We will start this week on Thursday evening with the Encouragement Class hosted by Sandy Smith.  If you have not RSVP’d please let me know you are coming.  If you need an invitation please contact me. I will be at the Farmers’ Market in 29Continue reading “Contests, host codes, farmers’ market, and encouragement.”

Sunday is for resting and a little planning.

Are you resting today?  How is your day off going?  Mine is not going quite as planned but it’s okay.  My daughter worked today instead of yesterday so we still woke up early.  Of course it’s been a slower morning for the hubby and I. So today I am cleaning a bit after Card ClassContinue reading “Sunday is for resting and a little planning.”

Mondays are a great start to the week!

I’ve heard many complain about Mondays being the start of the work week, the hangover from the weekend, or just simply muddling through.  I am choosing for today to be great!  I keep reading that attitude is everything.  Let’s test it! So for this week…it’s CARD CLASS week!  If you have not already RSVP’ed todayContinue reading “Mondays are a great start to the week!”

So many choices…

There is quite a bit going on this week… The 4th of July finishes tonight!  If you want a break on your taxes then take a look. Christmas in July is happening on Saturday!  The invitation will be out by tomorrow morning! Card Class is happening next week!  Invitation soon to follow. Save the dateContinue reading “So many choices…”

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