And we are back to Friday again.

Are the weeks going faster?  It seems as it gets hotter the weeks go faster.  Anyone else? Without even thinking about it we are back to Friday again.  I am a little slow this morning since we had a get together last night.  We (8 of us) had dinner together, crafted, and created.  We createdContinue reading “And we are back to Friday again.”

Mondays are a great start to the week!

I’ve heard many complain about Mondays being the start of the work week, the hangover from the weekend, or just simply muddling through.  I am choosing for today to be great!  I keep reading that attitude is everything.  Let’s test it! So for this week…it’s CARD CLASS week!  If you have not already RSVP’ed todayContinue reading “Mondays are a great start to the week!”

Making a ripple in this big pond.

Did you see it?  Last night there was a ripple made in our big pond called society.  7 of us got together and talked, laughed, and created.  Cards were made to send for happy mail just because.  They were created to get back in touch with someone and remind them that they were not forgotten. Continue reading “Making a ripple in this big pond.”

Back from Spring Break and I am ready!!!

Spring Break is done and while I enjoyed being out of routine, I am looking forward to getting back to it.  I am ready to hit the ground running (or at least do my time at the gym on the elliptical machine).  So what’s going on this week?  There are three events just this week. Continue reading “Back from Spring Break and I am ready!!!”

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