So grateful to be still.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  In the last few days Joel (hubbie) and I have had some pretty big events. Joel coordinated the first ever Tuba Christmas for our area.  There were about 20 players, merchandise, registration, spectators, and volunteers.  It was a great night for music with perfect weather (55 degrees and virtually no wind).  CongratulationsContinue reading “So grateful to be still.”

Rest is often a break from the routine.

It’s Sabbath Sunday!  This is the day to rest and re-charge.  Rest can be defined as a break from the routine.  So, I will ask you, how do you break from the routine?  I need some ideas for the bunch of us to do.  Here’s what is being contemplated. In October the play “Carrie” isContinue reading “Rest is often a break from the routine.”

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