Sundays are for rest and a little shopping.

Well, if you hadn’t seen my adventures last night here’s a photo. I went to go see Tara perform for her first competition.  Thank you for supporting my business so I am free to go and do for the ones I love. So, today is a day of rest.  After four events this week andContinue reading “Sundays are for rest and a little shopping.”

Festival Hangovers

After being out at the Mesa Fest yesterday all day and dealing with the wind, sun, and dust I am feeling a bit hung over.  A little bit beat up.  My face and lips are a little tighter today due to the sun and wind.  I had a good time but I am still aContinue reading “Festival Hangovers”

Sundays are usually for rest…

While usually I save Sundays to sleep in, catch up on the mess from the week, and read the paper it’s not the case today.  Today we drive to see my husband’s brother that flew in from Germany.  It’s a reminder for me to savor the moments you can even if you wanted to sleepContinue reading “Sundays are usually for rest…”

Sunday is for catching up.

For me, Sunday is for catching up.  Catching up on rest, blogs, reading, projects, laundry, and some cleaning.  If you are not caught up on this blog I would encourage you to go scroll through a few days.  There have been some promotions announced and you may not want to miss out.  As for me,Continue reading “Sunday is for catching up.”

How do you rest?

Today is my sabbath.  How do you rest?  Today will be finishing a load or two of laundry and then I am off to the local theatre to see a play.  Since it’s a holiday weekend are you taking tomorrow instead to put your feet up?  Just remember before you know it we will blinkContinue reading “How do you rest?”

Sundays are for sleeping?

Sometimes your body says “sleep, please”.  After days of preparation and cutting for yesterday’s class I think it caught up to me.  My body said no more.  So, I’m in my pajamas writing this and enjoying the slow morning. Are you having a restful day?  Comment below with what you are doing today (either wordsContinue reading “Sundays are for sleeping?”

Are you having a slow morning?

I love that on Sundays I get to drink my tea before I am off to the races dealing with school, work, etc.  I appreciate the slow mornings and as I get older they are more treasured.  What is your routine for a slow morning? And after I get through my second cup I willContinue reading “Are you having a slow morning?”

It’s a day to rest…

It’s Sunday and my day to rest.  I’m not sure if this is your day but I hope you have a day blocked off to have some fun or to re-charge.  So what do you do to breathe?  Do you read a book, go hiking, jump in the car…?  Comment below with what helps youContinue reading “It’s a day to rest…”

How do you re-charge?

Sunday in my home is a day of resting and re-charging.  Not much is usually happening and everyone is more than likely home.  Today is a day of cleaning from the craft fair (swap meet) yesterday and also mopping floors.  When there are enough rocks on your kitchen floor that you put shoes on toContinue reading “How do you re-charge?”

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