Festival Hangovers

After being out at the Mesa Fest yesterday all day and dealing with the wind, sun, and dust I am feeling a bit hung over.  A little bit beat up.  My face and lips are a little tighter today due to the sun and wind.  I had a good time but I am still aContinue reading “Festival Hangovers”

Festivals, food, and fun!

Good morning!  I am up at the Yucca Mesa Community Center all set and ready for you during Mesa Fest.  I have new kits, favors, vouchers, and more for you.  And I have to say that I am hoping for someone selling a funnel cake. For everyone that orders $25 or more you will getContinue reading “Festivals, food, and fun!”

Here’s to a new start…

It’s Monday again.  I look forward to Mondays as they are a new start to the week.  For me it’s all about perspective.  That’s it.  If I think it will be bad, it probably will be.  So, here are the opportunities to get your creative mojo going. This Saturday the 23rd from 10-10 the MesaContinue reading “Here’s to a new start…”

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