Giving back locally.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. Today’s topic is very close to home. In fact it lives in my home and has since I got married. It’s band life. Jazz, marching, choir, dixie, rock, ska, drum line, swing, metal…you name it I bet it’s beenContinue reading “Giving back locally.”

It’s a super rest day.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today is a day of rest for me. What is it for you? Today I get a day of rest with awesome commercials. Yes, I watch the Super Bowl…for the commercials and the halftime show. Not really for the game. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Sundays are for rest and a little shopping.

Well, if you hadn’t seen my adventures last night here’s a photo. I went to go see Tara perform for her first competition.  Thank you for supporting my business so I am free to go and do for the ones I love. So, today is a day of rest.  After four events this week andContinue reading “Sundays are for rest and a little shopping.”

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