What does rest mean to you?

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest and focus on recharging for the week. So what does rest mean to you? Sometimes it means a hike or a change of scenery for me. Other times it means simply not doing much, napping, and grabbing take out. It changes depending on the week thatContinue reading “What does rest mean to you?”

The last day of no routine.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to focus on resting and recharging. Since the kids have had a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday it seems that I should focus on the fact that this is the last day of no routine in my house. Tomorrow will be back to school and it willContinue reading “The last day of no routine.”

Rest is just a pause.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest or re-charge. Don’t be afraid to rest. It’s not quitting but it is necessary. In music a rest allows you to turn the page or another instrument to be featured. It is necessary for the music to change and to keep the audience interested. In lifeContinue reading “Rest is just a pause.”

Giving back locally.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. Today’s topic is very close to home. In fact it lives in my home and has since I got married. It’s band life. Jazz, marching, choir, dixie, rock, ska, drum line, swing, metal…you name it I bet it’s beenContinue reading “Giving back locally.”

Breaking up the routine.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today’s your day to break out of your routine. So what are your plans today? For me, I slept in a little and then will be going to Drum Corps International (DCI) this afternoon. I will be watching the professionals with their shows and their drums and…This translates to me getting someContinue reading “Breaking up the routine.”

Giving back at home.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. And today’s post hits close to home. Many of you personally know my family…my daughter Tara, dog Shadow, and husband Joel. Well, the ones closest to you often see the best and worst of us. Recently I signed upContinue reading “Giving back at home.”

It’s a super rest day.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today is a day of rest for me. What is it for you? Today I get a day of rest with awesome commercials. Yes, I watch the Super Bowl…for the commercials and the halftime show. Not really for the game. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Sale Saturday

It’s Sale Saturday!  The only promotion is from yesterday.  It’s not a corporate promotion but one through me and it was announced yesterday.  It runs through the end of the month.  If you donate to the Yucca Valley Music Boosters $20 or more you will come to Card Class for FREE next month.  If youContinue reading “Sale Saturday”

Resting by focusing.

As many of you know I am married to a professional musician.  And for those of you that know me even better, you know that my daughter is a budding musician as well.  With that being said I am pulling our segment on rest today straight from the staff lines of a musical score. DoContinue reading “Resting by focusing.”

Thank you for filling me up.

Sometimes you don’t even realize when you fill someone up, give back, or pay it forward.  (It just depends on how you want to say it.)  Well, I was filled to the brim last night.  Tara, my daughter, had her concert last night (and first solo) and I was able to take off at 3:30,Continue reading “Thank you for filling me up.”

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