Rest changes your viewpoint.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest and recharge for the week. Sometimes you need a change of perspective to get focused and recharged. A quick road trip to the beach, a local hiking trail, or the mountains can be just what you need to get things back into a crisp view. HaveContinue reading “Rest changes your viewpoint.”

Rest by hiding.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to focus on resting and recharging for the week ahead. Do you know that sometimes the best way to truly rest is to hide? Yes, hide! With all of the political unrest, schools being held virtually, and half of the businesses still closed sometimes the best way toContinue reading “Rest by hiding.”

Coordinating with color.

It’s Technique Tuesday! Have you been asked to create a card for someone and you think to yourself I don’t have any squirrel stamps. How can I create this card without any squirrel stamps? Here is your answer. Maybe instead of a squirrel you focus on the color, the acorns, or the puffiness of theContinue reading “Coordinating with color.”

Fire changes perspective.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. It’s amazing to me how everything can be going so badly and then one little thing can change your perspective. So recently I have had my truck break, my daughter’s truck break, flat tires, and more. You name it,Continue reading “Fire changes perspective.”

So much to do.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today is the day to rest and re-charge. Do you ever feel like there is so much to do and so little time? It’s amazing to me when I take some time off (whether it be an hour, day, or a week) my perspective changes on what is really important. So muchContinue reading “So much to do.”

It’s where you look.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. Do you ever wake up and just don’t feel it? The sun is up and the birds are still chirping but you just don’t feel chipper. It’s all about perspective. I would encourage you to change how you lookContinue reading “It’s where you look.”

Resting makes you strong.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Are you ready to be strong? Sometimes when you feel the most fragile you need to become strong. If you’ve gone through a tragedy or just simply a ton of mental exercise at work, home, whatever remember to take a break. Your perspective will be better and you will come back stronger.Continue reading “Resting makes you strong.”

Resting by shopping?

It’s Sabbath Sunday and I am having a slow morning (thankfully).  While I don’t especially like shopping I know it needs to get done once in a while.  My daughter, Tara, is the same way.  If the fairy with the magic wand could magically make things appear she would do it.  But instead we willContinue reading “Resting by shopping?”

The calm before the storm.

Have you ever looked at your calendar and almost held your breath because you see everything coming?  That is this week for me.  It always seems to get very busy right before school starts.  Band Camp, Card Class, National Night Out, Alice in Wonderland, and probably a few other things thrown in for good measure. Continue reading “The calm before the storm.”

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