Sunday is for resting and a little planning.

Are you resting today?  How is your day off going?  Mine is not going quite as planned but it’s okay.  My daughter worked today instead of yesterday so we still woke up early.  Of course it’s been a slower morning for the hubby and I. So today I am cleaning a bit after Card ClassContinue reading “Sunday is for resting and a little planning.”

Space for rest.

Have you ever googled or searched for rest?  I typed in the word “rest” and up comes many images.  There are the traditional beach scenes, hammocks with a gentle breeze, lists on why rest is good for you, and much, much more. The one that caught my eye is the traditional rest stop sign.  ThisContinue reading “Space for rest.”

Resting by focusing.

As many of you know I am married to a professional musician.  And for those of you that know me even better, you know that my daughter is a budding musician as well.  With that being said I am pulling our segment on rest today straight from the staff lines of a musical score. DoContinue reading “Resting by focusing.”

Resting is petting a puppy.

Sometimes rest can be found in the simple things.  Sometimes it’s your favorite cup of coffee, a kiss on the forehead from your significant other, or just a moment with your dog. This morning I found myself with my dog.  Just sitting on the couch petting him over and over again.  He seemed to likeContinue reading “Resting is petting a puppy.”

Hobbies bring rest.

By the title I bet you think I will talk about stamping.  For many of you stamping is what brings you rest.  And I am sure at some point today I will stamp too.  But what other hobbies (or therapies) do you have?  I like to work out and also to cook.  So today IContinue reading “Hobbies bring rest.”

Resting by catching up.

Today’s the day.  Have you heard?  All of the birthday parties, graduations, concerts, and more are done.  This is the first day I have to get caught up.  So be prepared to see the samples for card class, samples for the punch box class, and whatever else is on the list. Now you know whatContinue reading “Resting by catching up.”

Resting by crafting.

I’ve been in my craft room and lost track of time.  Are you being creative today? Sometimes it’s good to lose yourself and just have some fun. Today’s contest is to post a photo of what you have created today!  One lucky winner will receive a pack of Corrugated Elements for FREE! So post yourContinue reading “Resting by crafting.”

Resting sometimes means sleeping in.

Did you notice I am a little late this morning?  I decided to sleep in and take it easy.  Once in a while a break in your routine is a good thing.  Life is not always meant to be scheduled but also to be lived.  How do you intend to live today?  What makes youContinue reading “Resting sometimes means sleeping in.”

Change of routine for me today.

Today is a good day to rest and stay out of the sun.  The back of my arms are a little tender today since they don’t normally see the sun.  But today is a new day even if my skin isn’t.  To re-charge today I am attending and enjoying a concert.  Not a bunch ofContinue reading “Change of routine for me today.”

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