No tutorial, just cooking.

It’s Tutorial Thursday but it is also Thanksgiving. So for today I am taking the day to cook and just be. Come back next week for another tutorial. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

What is your therapy?

It’s Sabbath Sunday! Today is the day to focus on resting and recharging for the week. So what do you do to recharge? What is your therapy? Do you like to be active, watch movies, sleep in, cook, clean…what sets you up for the week? For me it is cooking and stamping that set myContinue reading “What is your therapy?”

Resting is not setting an alarm.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to rest and recharge. As I sit here and type this I am reminded that today is my day of rest. Rest for me means getting some prep done in the kitchen (I like cooking), washing the towels, and knowing that the alarm was not set this morning.Continue reading “Resting is not setting an alarm.”

Cooking with the heat tool.

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended! Have you used the heat tool to cook? I know we use it to melt the embossing powders, but you can also use it to “cook” shrink paper (shrinky dinks). It will shrivel and turn but keep it steady andContinue reading “Cooking with the heat tool.”

Hobbies bring rest.

By the title I bet you think I will talk about stamping.  For many of you stamping is what brings you rest.  And I am sure at some point today I will stamp too.  But what other hobbies (or therapies) do you have?  I like to work out and also to cook.  So today IContinue reading “Hobbies bring rest.”

Resting on Mother’s Day.

Hopefully your family is allowing some rest on Mother’s Day.  Or are you getting twenty questions about where things are in the kitchen.  Thankfully my kitchen isn’t that big so there’s not many places to look.  And at 10 am my kid isn’t even up yet.  Oh, the teenage years.  Whatever there is in yourContinue reading “Resting on Mother’s Day.”

Easter Sunday

After finishing a three day show I am tempted to just watch a movie and be done for a bit.  But no…there is a ham to cook.  So while muscles might be stiff from sitting for three days with intermittent spurts of moving tables, etc. there is my other therapy to do.  I love toContinue reading “Easter Sunday”

Sundays are for rest. What is your therapy?

Besides papercrafting, can you guess my other kind of therapy?  If you’ve been to many of my classes you can probably guess.  Cooking is another of my therapies.  I don’t bake well (don’t like to measure) but I love to cook.  Not gourmet, just cook. What do you do to unwind?  Do you hike, justContinue reading “Sundays are for rest. What is your therapy?”

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