Time change.

If you’re like me this time change always messes with me.  I feel like I am right on time but yet I am late.  I have the feeling this will be how things are for the next few days.  Are you joining me? So instead of stressing out, I will be late for a dayContinue reading “Time change.”

Still Sale-A-Brating!

Have you been planning on getting something for Sale-A-Bration and just haven’t gotten around to it?  You need to, and SOON!  If you haven’t heard…there are exactly 22 days left for this incredible sale!  So don’t miss out on your party pandas or some basket weaving.  Contact me now! If you would like to orderContinue reading “Still Sale-A-Brating!”

Giving back…

I’m writing this a little late since I am just getting back from having breakfast with a friend.  Some days you just need some french toast and a good friend.  No one else is going to take care of you except you. This has been a trying week but also a great one.  As IContinue reading “Giving back…”

Lucky the Leprechaun has visited!

Last night’s Live I created two shamrock cards for the upcoming St. Paddy’s Day.  One was using the pear out of the mini fruit punch set.  The other was using the itty bitty heart from the cookie cutter punch.  Regardless of which you choose to create you will need some glue dots and a goodContinue reading “Lucky the Leprechaun has visited!”

Painters defeat envelopes.

Did you know that the aqua painter can be used to seal envelopes?  Just take the aqua painter and fill with water.  Squeeze the barrel and swipe along the glue strip.  Seal and mail your card, invitation, etc. Here’s to making crafting easier and no more papercuts on your tongue. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers,Continue reading “Painters defeat envelopes.”

Pears can be clovers.

As St. Patty’s Day comes closer I always start to look for cute cards.  This is one of those holidays where I don’t usually buy a specific stamp set but I still want to create something for it.  Did you know that the pear punch in the mini set becomes a leaf for a clover?Continue reading “Pears can be clovers.”

Card class, flea markets, and a mystery host.

This is the week for Card Class!  If you haven’t RSVP’ed please let me know soon.  The deadline for Thursday’s class is today.  Saturday’s deadline is on Wednesday.  If you have not received an invitation please say so and I will get one to you. On the 17th is the Flea Market at the CommunityContinue reading “Card class, flea markets, and a mystery host.”

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