Giving back with the little things.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. Have you realized that it’s not the big things that break you? It’s usually the littlest thing that drives you to your knees. And, on the upside, it’s the littlest thing that can bring you up out of your pit.

Lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Too much to do and not enough time. You know how this goes, right? One day, especially, I had decided that it was just too much. I was on the verge of giving up.

Just at that moment Joel (hubby) walks in and sees my head on the table. He doesn’t ask what’s wrong. He just asks me to stand up and then he precedes to envelope me with a huge bear hug. When he doesn’t stop after about a minute I ask him what he’s doing. He simply says, “I am holding you until all your pieces are back together again”.

Who is your rock or person that knows you well enough to just hold you? Maybe it’s not a hug, but it’s a note or a clean house or…

We all need someone to put us back together again.

Happy Crafting!

With inky fingers,

Joni 🙂

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I am a Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator and I love what I do in helping you to create. Please leave comments and happy crafting!

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