How do you re-charge?

Sunday in my home is a day of resting and re-charging.  Not much is usually happening and everyone is more than likely home.  Today is a day of cleaning from the craft fair (swap meet) yesterday and also mopping floors.  When there are enough rocks on your kitchen floor that you put shoes on toContinue reading “How do you re-charge?”

Sales, Swap Meets, and Coupon Codes

As I am writing this I am grateful to be sitting.  I just finished packing up for today’s Swap Meet at the Yucca Mesa Community Center from 8-12:30.  Bring a little extra cash with you as the Center has a pancake breakfast as well.  I have all the “normal” crafty things (cards, magnets, etc.).  OfContinue reading “Sales, Swap Meets, and Coupon Codes”

Giving Back

I love Fridays!  Not because it’s Friday but because this is the day that I focus on giving back or paying it forward.  I know you’re asking, but isn’t this every day?  YES!!!  But today I set aside for making sure the cards are actually mailed or that person that I can’t get out ofContinue reading “Giving Back”

When Pigs Fly

As some of you know I decided to go full time with this stamping thing back on St. Patty’s Day this year.  It was quite a change.  I don’t regret it for a second.  The last hurdle I had was blogging.  So, here I am…  I have told coaches, friends, family, and crafters that IContinue reading “When Pigs Fly”

Wacky Wednesday

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it was not intended. Sometimes if you need a wider ribbon you can simply stretch it. Don’t be afraid to take your product and literally pull it apart. P.S.  Just a quick side note that the invitation for Card Class is up!  Here’s aContinue reading “Wacky Wednesday”

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Welcome to your new space.  This is all for you.  I started looking through all the different places you can find information on events and found it confusing.  Here is your one place to get all the details.  There will be photos of what is being created, events coming up, photos, and more!  I willContinue reading “Tuesday, August 1, 2017”

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