Giving back tomorrow!

The Farmers’ Market is tomorrow in 29 Palms!  I would encourage you to go from 8-noon at Bucklin Park.  The farmers that support the market are doing so not only by vending, but by giving back.  Much of the produce that doesn’t sell they are donating to our local food bank.  This week they areContinue reading “Giving back tomorrow!”

Sundays are for getting back on track.

I sit here and realize I ate too many cookies yesterday.  My body is saying too much sugar yesterday.  So today I get back on track.  I eat right, clean up from the Christmas party yesterday, and get moving again.  Yesterday was so much fun but I am glad all the preparations are behind me.Continue reading “Sundays are for getting back on track.”

Contests, sales, and FREE shipping!

We just finished the contests leading up to the Christmas party.  Drop by from 10-4 today. But we are not done yet.  For every $25 order you will get a ticket for the stamp sets to be raffled off today at 4 pm (a $75 order would have 3 tickets).  This promotion is only throughContinue reading “Contests, sales, and FREE shipping!”

Giving back…

Today is the day that we focus on giving back or paying it forward.  If you are out shopping on this black Friday then maybe you tuck your elbows instead of using them. 😉  Maybe you sit down and mail all of those cards you’ve been meaning to send.  Maybe you just can’t shake someoneContinue reading “Giving back…”

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