Are you hitting the yard sales today?

Just a reminder that if you are out and about to go to Diane’s craft yard sale in Yucca Valley today. As far as all the other promotions…let’s get started. The Holiday Catalog begins in 13 days.  Do you have your copy?  Let me know where I can meet you for pick up or delivery.Continue reading “Are you hitting the yard sales today?”

Mondays are amazing

From the title I bet you think that I have lost it.  Well, Mondays are amazing.  We’ve been able to create at least some of the weekend and Mondays I am here for you!  Drop in and get questions answered on the project you couldn’t figure out.  Ask about a new product.  Or simply comeContinue reading “Mondays are amazing”

Sales, Classes, and More!

It’s Saturday and hopefully you are able to take a second and enjoy that coffee instead of gulping it down as you run out the door.  With school starting soon the hustle and bustle will be back and running full force.  So take a moment to sit down and create.  Get that page ready forContinue reading “Sales, Classes, and More!”

Card Class and More

This week is something I look forward to.  Do you?  All of the preparation is done for Card Class and now I can enjoy the best part, you.  I don’t enjoy the hours of coming up with ideas, creating, designing, and preparing.  But I love seeing your smiling faces and the joy that creating bringsContinue reading “Card Class and More”

Sales, Swap Meets, and Coupon Codes

As I am writing this I am grateful to be sitting.  I just finished packing up for today’s Swap Meet at the Yucca Mesa Community Center from 8-12:30.  Bring a little extra cash with you as the Center has a pancake breakfast as well.  I have all the “normal” crafty things (cards, magnets, etc.).  OfContinue reading “Sales, Swap Meets, and Coupon Codes”

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