When an outline speaks out loud.

It’s Technique Tuesday! If you don’t know what to do create an outline. Take a large die and a different color card stock mat to create a background. In order to have them come together even more run the two pieces through an embossing folder. For this specific background Misty Moonlight Card Stock was usedContinue reading “When an outline speaks out loud.”

Outlining while punching.

Have you ever wanted a clean line around the edge of your punched image?  If you sponge after you just seem to get the whole image inked?  Try outlining the image before you punch.  Here’s how… Grab a piece of cardstock and stamp whatever image you want. Place in punch but do not cut. GrabContinue reading “Outlining while punching.”

Outlines make things stand out.

Take a normal card with a normal stamp and then outline it.  Do you see how different a little bit of marker can make a card look? So next time things are looking a little bit dull take a pen to it. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

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