Embossing paste…to sponge or mix?

When using the embossing paste do you sponge color on after or mix it in to the paste?  My answer, as always, it depends.  It depends on what kind of color you want.  Do you want really vivid, deep color or just a splash?  For really deep color you want to mix some of yourContinue reading “Embossing paste…to sponge or mix?”

Using scraps for a background.

Once in a while you actually need to use your scraps.  That folder, bin, or bag gets full!  Use those bits and pieces!  Trim them into similar shapes and create a background. If you have bigger pieces then you can create mats or accents like the vanilla wood plank.  Now go create! For the fullContinue reading “Using scraps for a background.”

Alcohol markers coming soon.

If you didn’t hear on the Facebook Live last night I announced that the alcohol markers are coming back!  Stampin’ Blends will be available starting November 1st.  To view the video please go to https://youtu.be/pdpcREmx2Xc. So today’s technique is using alcohol markers and showing how to highlight properly.  This is something I need to practice too.Continue reading “Alcohol markers coming soon.”

Heavy metal without your ears hurting.

Today’s technique is brilliant, quite literally.  You take the negative space of the die to create a frame.  Instead of worrying about the stickiness that is left behind you place the cutouts to create an inlaid effect. The link for the video is https://youtu.be/ajVnCPs4xbU if you would like to see this card being created. Here aContinue reading “Heavy metal without your ears hurting.”

How to create a silhouette.

During this time of year a silhouette is important.  So grab your dazzling diamonds glimmer paper and get going.  Cut a circle with your dies to create the moon.  Then punch the cat out.  Remember to sponge the moon with coordinating colors. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Outlines make things stand out.

Take a normal card with a normal stamp and then outline it.  Do you see how different a little bit of marker can make a card look? So next time things are looking a little bit dull take a pen to it. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

New technique…turning paste into fluff!

On last night’s Facebook Live I turned embossing paste into fluff!  You take a heat gun to it until it changes texture. With practice this becomes very realistic.  You can see the difference between my first attempt on the card and my second on the stocking.  The only tip I have so far is toContinue reading “New technique…turning paste into fluff!”

Black magic and rainbows…

It’s Thursday and I am happy to show you a new way to use your embossing paste.  Let it dry like normal and then sponge color on top.  You can use a sponge, dauber, or even the sponge brayer.  Then cut your die in coordinating colors of cardstock. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Every mistake is just a creative opportunity…

There is no mistake in crafting.  There is an opportunity to make something new and different when the project does not go as planned. So, earlier this week, I had sat down to create.  Everything was going as planned until I cut the ribbon too short. It may not look like it is too shortContinue reading “Every mistake is just a creative opportunity…”

Ballpoint pen embossing

You heard me correct.  Don’t go clean your glasses.  I said embossing with a ballpoint pen.  There is enough “juice” in a ballpoint pen to spread the embossing powder quickly and then use the heat gun.  So, for some that want our sayings to be different, you can do it now.  You just have toContinue reading “Ballpoint pen embossing”

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