It’s your inside that counts.

Following Tuesday’s theme of finding out what is down at the core of your cardstock is a finished card that looks awesome (in my opinion)!  I bleached early espresso cardstock and found that there was an undertone of yellow.  The burlap ribbon is pulled a bit to give a rough look.  The boots were stampedContinue reading “It’s your inside that counts.”

Getting to what is inside.

The difference between cheap cardstock and quality is easy to tell.  You need to rip a corner off or take some bleach to it.  This will allow you to reveal the inner core.  Cheaper cardstock is often not dyed all the way through so the core has a white color instead of being consistent allContinue reading “Getting to what is inside.”

Bleach gives texture

Sometimes it’s not more ink that you need.  Sometimes it’s less paper.  Bleach, while not great for your stamps, has an awesome affect on your cardstock.  You can create your own ink pad with a paper plate and some paper towels.  Make the paper towel damp with bleach.  (It is best to have a paperContinue reading “Bleach gives texture”

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