When you become joy.

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended!  Today we are making you become joy.  As most of you know the social aspect or people are what keep me going.  So it easy for me to say that you are my joy.  Today, however, it is literally true. Continue reading “When you become joy.”

Embossing paste adds cool touches.

It’s Technique Tuesday!  Did you know a little bit of embossing paste can add just a hint of snow or a tiny bit of texture?  If you can’t afford to buy all the different colors of embossing paste then just get the one with no color in it.  You can then separate it out andContinue reading “Embossing paste adds cool touches.”

Giving Back for World Card Making Day!

It’s Friendship Friday!  This is the day I encourage you to focus on giving back or paying it forward.  I don’t know if you are aware but the first Saturday in October is known as World Card Making Day.  Since I will be vending at the Gem & Mineral Show at the Sportsman’s Club inContinue reading “Giving Back for World Card Making Day!”

You never know…

It’s Friendship Friday and this is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward.  I have to say you never know when you will be impacted by someone’s “small” deed.  Between Joel (hubby) and I we had asked for about two weeks to help with the marching band specifically.  Funds were downContinue reading “You never know…”

Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas

We are over halfway.  How are you?  I will be catching up on all the tickets this weekend as well as many other projects.  But for today… Post a photo in the comments section of this blog or facebook post of your happy mail going out today.  Each envelope with a stamp on it getsContinue reading “Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas”

Re-charge with a card.

Sometimes rest and re-charging comes from some interesting places.  I went last night to one of my good friends child’s birthday party.  Of course by the time I got there everyone was already gone.  But sometimes the best memories come in those still moments when everyone has already gone.  She opened her present and gaveContinue reading “Re-charge with a card.”

Farmers’ market, canned goods, host codes, and more.

Just a quick reminder that if you are going to the Farmers’ Market today the hours are from 8-noon now.  Remember to bring your canned goods to the Pantry table.  Look for the Feed 29 banner.  If you bring 5 items please tell me such that I have a surprise for you. Paper Pumpkin isContinue reading “Farmers’ market, canned goods, host codes, and more.”

Self care is a great way to fill up.

Sometimes the best way to give back is to not be negative.  For me the best way to stay positive is to make sure I am re-charging or doing some self care.  You will see me at the gym three mornings a week (usually).  This is my way of getting moving and being able toContinue reading “Self care is a great way to fill up.”

You’ve got a friend.

Did you sing that a little?  Do you remember that song?  Not the one from Toy Story, but the James Taylor song.  And now you are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about and how does it relate to stamping.  Here’s how this comes together. Since today is the day to focusContinue reading “You’ve got a friend.”

Freezing punches.

So you have done it!  It…the enchanting word “it”.  You have managed to jam that cardstock into that punch and it won’t come out.  The springs are stuck and nothing is working.  You have dropped it gently on to the table, floor, or whatever other hard surface you have.  And those springs won’t budge!  IContinue reading “Freezing punches.”

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