Peace comes from within.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! This is the day to focus on resting and recharging.

Have you realized how much sweeter rest is when you are at peace with yourself? When I was going through some recent drama it seemed no matter how much I slept it wasn’t enough. If you don’t have inner peace there is no rest.

To achieve inner peace seems to be an unending quest. Once you seem to have it something else comes up. I guess this is what life is about. It is constant change, challenge, and conquering. Without it we would be the same person and not be evolving as well.

How do you get to a good place? Do you run from what is agonizing you? Do you workout every day? Do you eat a certain comfort food? How do you cope?

I tend to do a little of all of this. When it gets really bad I figure out how to leave the situation. For every day stresses I workout and tend to eat extra carbs on those crazy days. And, of course, get in the craft room to play.

Happy Crafting!

With inky fingers,

Joni 🙂

Published by Joni Daniel

I am a Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator and I love what I do in helping you to create. Please leave comments and happy crafting!

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