Redemption is here.

It’s Sale Saturday and here is what is going on. You have a little over two weeks to redeem your Bonus Days Coupon Codes. If you have lost the email with your codes please tell me. I can get them re-sent. So besides it being redemption time the new Mini Catalog (formerly known as theContinue reading “Redemption is here.”

Redemption is here!

It’s Sale Saturday! Here’s what is on sale or being promoted. Bonus Days are done but don’t forget to redeem your coupon codes through August 31. If you lost your coupon code please let me know so I can fix that for you. The Mini Catalog has begun! If you would like to order onlineContinue reading “Redemption is here!”

Remember to redeem your Bonus Days Vouchers!

It’s Sale Saturday! Since August has begun so has the redemption period for the Bonus Days vouchers! If you have any problems with them or simply want to place an order through me please forward me your codes so I can add them to your order. If you would like to order online please useContinue reading “Remember to redeem your Bonus Days Vouchers!”

Card Class is Coming!

It’s Management Monday!  Yes, it’s a day off, but there’s quite a bit happening this week.  Are you ready?  I sure hope so. Card Class is coming soon!  Save the date for Tuesday, September 11, Thursday, September 13, or Saturday, September 15 (morning or afternoon session). The Holiday Catalog begins on Wednesday the 5th.  IfContinue reading “Card Class is Coming!”

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