Crystals and magic.

Have you tried the new Brusho product?  I took photos during the entire process so you would know how to use it when you order it.  So let’s figure out how to make those crystals melt and become part of your magical day. First, you will need to tape down your piece of glossy whiteContinue reading “Crystals and magic.”

Ready or not, here they come…

Ready or not, here the events come!  There are some great classes on their way! Serina’s Valentine Favors Class — Come on out on Thursday, February 1st from 5:30-8 pm!  We will be creating 4 Valentine’s Day treats!  There will be alternate greetings available, especially for the card.  Cost for the class is $10.  ThereContinue reading “Ready or not, here they come…”

Snowflakes aren’t just for Christmas.

The Swirly Snowflakes can be used for more than just Christmas.  The border framelit can be used for a great edge to create just about any type of card.  In this case it is for a wedding. Play with this set and take photos of your creations. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

How to emboss on foil cardstock.

Dry embossing on foil cardstock can be a little tricky unless you like the cracked, distressed look.  I found to take at least one of the cutting plates out of the stack or sandwich and shim it with a few pieces of cardstock works the best.  Basically when you start to push the stack throughContinue reading “How to emboss on foil cardstock.”

Thinking and doing…

Today is the day we focus on giving back or paying it forward.  I want you to think about something…what is the difference between thinking and doing?  One is internal and the other is external.  One involves something that happens passively and the other requires action.  I want to encourage you today to act onContinue reading “Thinking and doing…”

Remember to send a card today.

Today is the day to give back.  This is the focus of today.  It’s not that it does not happen on other days but I find if you are not intentional then things may not happen.  So send that card TODAY! Anyone that posts a photo of a card being mailed (remember to cover theContinue reading “Remember to send a card today.”

Using scraps for a background.

Once in a while you actually need to use your scraps.  That folder, bin, or bag gets full!  Use those bits and pieces!  Trim them into similar shapes and create a background. If you have bigger pieces then you can create mats or accents like the vanilla wood plank.  Now go create! For the fullContinue reading “Using scraps for a background.”

Heavy metal without your ears hurting.

Today’s technique is brilliant, quite literally.  You take the negative space of the die to create a frame.  Instead of worrying about the stickiness that is left behind you place the cutouts to create an inlaid effect. The link for the video is if you would like to see this card being created. Here aContinue reading “Heavy metal without your ears hurting.”

What happens in Vegas…

Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  After much processing and research I have an idea.  There is a fellow crafter that is collecting cards for the families of the victims.  I will be sending a box of cards to her on October 16th.  If you would like to participate please drop offContinue reading “What happens in Vegas…”

It’s Friday!!!

Today’s the day I think more consciously about giving back.  I know we should be doing this every day but Fridays are focused on this (for me).  I hope I touch the ones closest to me on a regular basis.  But today I thought I would do a search for “how to send a card”Continue reading “It’s Friday!!!”

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