Bonus Days are coming!

It’s Sale Saturday! Bonus Days are coming! For every $50 in product you order from July 1 – August 3 you will get a $5 coupon code that can be redeemed August 4 – 31. Have you liked the catalog so far? I hope so. If not there is more coming. The Mini Catalog beginsContinue reading “Bonus Days are coming!”

Do you have your copy?

It’s Sale Saturday! Did you know that there is a new catalog out that you can order from? I hope so! I know many of you have since you have ordered this week. Thank you for continuing to order with me. Have you liked the catalog so far? I hope so. If not there isContinue reading “Do you have your copy?”

Memorial Day, Virtual Open House, and More!

It’s Management Monday! Here’s what’s happening this week. I am closed today for Memorial Day but I want to leave you with something touching for this somber day. Click the link to hear a great tribute to today, https://youtu.be/sWjVo3f5zfM. If you still need a catalog please contact me ASAP! I will be holding the virtualContinue reading “Memorial Day, Virtual Open House, and More!”

Catalog is more than just a book.

It’s Wacky Wednesday where a product is used in a way it is not intended! Do you ever wish you could have all of your crafty items out just so you can see them? It’s easier to figure out what to create when you can see everything. So here’s an idea for you. What ifContinue reading “Catalog is more than just a book.”

Winding up the year.

It’s Sabbath Sunday! As the Catalog winds down with the school year I am reminded to take things one step at a time. It seems to always get busier this time of year and with that comes some extra stress. So this year I didn’t book as many classes since school keeps at a steadyContinue reading “Winding up the year.”

Are you bored with what we have to offer?

It’s Sale Saturday! Are you bored with what we have to offer for Sale-A-Bration? Do you wish some of our stamps that are offered have die cuts? You’re in luck! In the second release for Sale-A-Bration there are many coordinating products for the first release. So here’s how to get a copy of this newContinue reading “Are you bored with what we have to offer?”

Sale-A-Bration Now Come On!

It’s Sale Saturday! I have a question for you…did you sing the title? I know you’ve been hearing about Sale-A-Bration pretty regularly but it’s a big thing! It’s our big promotion of the year! Are you ready? Do you need another copy of a blank wishlist? Just let me know how I can help you.Continue reading “Sale-A-Bration Now Come On!”

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