Sales, Classes, and More!

It’s Saturday and hopefully you are able to take a second and enjoy that coffee instead of gulping it down as you run out the door.  With school starting soon the hustle and bustle will be back and running full force.  So take a moment to sit down and create.  Get that page ready forContinue reading “Sales, Classes, and More!”

And we are back to Friday again!

This week has gone so fast I can’t believe it.  And I have to admit that I didn’t get my card or cards mailed last week.  So today I already have one mailed off and I am working on a bunch of thank you cards.  Who do you need to take note of today?  IsContinue reading “And we are back to Friday again!”

Techniques can make a card

As I was having fun with Facebook Live last night I realized how much the little things matter.  I had missed the trash can and grumbled about how much effort would be spent picking up what didn’t want to go in.  Last night’s card was proof of that.  The little bit of glue to makeContinue reading “Techniques can make a card”

Enamel dots are not just for projects

Do you have a hard time finding out what color is what in your re-inker bottles?  Mine are all stacked up and I often can’t read the side.  Or I have had to wipe the side of the bottle (because we had too much fun) and now the label isn’t all there.  Here’s an ideaContinue reading “Enamel dots are not just for projects”

Stamping is not just for paper

Stamping is for so much more than just paper.  You can stamp on glass, wood, plastic, and more.  Imagine a surface and you can stamp on it.  So, for today’s tutorial I want to talk about shrinky dinks.  You remember, right?  Those little things that got stuck in the vacuum and you loved as aContinue reading “Stamping is not just for paper”

Card Class and More

This week is something I look forward to.  Do you?  All of the preparation is done for Card Class and now I can enjoy the best part, you.  I don’t enjoy the hours of coming up with ideas, creating, designing, and preparing.  But I love seeing your smiling faces and the joy that creating bringsContinue reading “Card Class and More”

How do you re-charge?

Sunday in my home is a day of resting and re-charging.  Not much is usually happening and everyone is more than likely home.  Today is a day of cleaning from the craft fair (swap meet) yesterday and also mopping floors.  When there are enough rocks on your kitchen floor that you put shoes on toContinue reading “How do you re-charge?”

Sales, Swap Meets, and Coupon Codes

As I am writing this I am grateful to be sitting.  I just finished packing up for today’s Swap Meet at the Yucca Mesa Community Center from 8-12:30.  Bring a little extra cash with you as the Center has a pancake breakfast as well.  I have all the “normal” crafty things (cards, magnets, etc.).  OfContinue reading “Sales, Swap Meets, and Coupon Codes”

Giving Back

I love Fridays!  Not because it’s Friday but because this is the day that I focus on giving back or paying it forward.  I know you’re asking, but isn’t this every day?  YES!!!  But today I set aside for making sure the cards are actually mailed or that person that I can’t get out ofContinue reading “Giving Back”

When Pigs Fly

As some of you know I decided to go full time with this stamping thing back on St. Patty’s Day this year.  It was quite a change.  I don’t regret it for a second.  The last hurdle I had was blogging.  So, here I am…  I have told coaches, friends, family, and crafters that IContinue reading “When Pigs Fly”

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