Knowing your worth.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward.

I want to tell you a story today.

Once upon a time there was a grandson that had just lost his grandfather. He inherited this crusty old watch. It didn’t work, was cracked, and pretty dirty. He thought to himself “why would I get this piece of junk from Grandpa?”.

So he took the watch to a shop to see how much it was worth so he could sell it. The first shopkeeper says it’s worth $5. So he goes to the next one and the next…all say it’s $5. He is pretty disappointed.

As he is sitting down to dinner with his family they ask if he has gone to that jeweler in town. He says no. So the next day he goes to the jeweler. The jeweler takes a minute and brushes the dirt off. He then begins to explain where the watch came from, how old it is, and what value it holds. The watch was worth thousands.

The moral of this story is to know your worth and remember it is often in the eye of the beholder. Make sure that who is giving you advice is someone that understands your beauty and who you are. They see your cracks, dents, and scars as part of your character and not as flaws. Be careful who you listen to.

With all that being said…you are enough. Thank you for being a part of this crazy crafty family. You are amazing and I love you for who you are cracks and all.

Happy Crafting!

With inky fingers,

Joni 🙂

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I am a Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator and I love what I do in helping you to create. Please leave comments and happy crafting!

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