Giving back through quilting.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward. I get so touched by how such a small gesture can touch so deeply. Recently one of the Red Door Crafters finished some quilts and I made some coordinating cards to be sent to a few of the people who survived the Paradise fires. I was amazed that this information was even out there and that these quilts were going to real people, not an organization.

So the quilts were delivered and it felt so good to help. And then there was a reply. Now it has gone full circle. Here it is…

Dear Malia (and Heidi & Joni),

We received the beautiful quilt and homemade card. What a surprise and we thank you for your thoughtfulness from the bottom of our hearts. Line dancers are the best and we love the line dance community. We lived in Paradise for 49 years and was a part of the line dance community since 1990 and we miss everyone. We loved living in Paradise and we really miss it, but I know it is all different now. I am line dancing here in Colorado now (learning all different dances) all the dancers are friendly here too.

We came here with a suitcase, (living with our son now) everything we had was burnt up. I have never been so scared as that day getting out of Paradise. So I am excited to get your lovely quilt, the colors are so happy, and it will make our new house so comfy. Thank You for doing something so special and loving for us, and you can’t imagine how much we appreciate it.

We are living in a bedroom still and all I have bought for our new home is a tomato slicer and potato peeler. Just thinking about everything we will need is overwhelming, but we will get through it. I know we will be enjoying the quilt for many years and it is a good reminder of the support we received from the line dance community. You looked familiar in your picture and I am sure I have seen you at some of the workshops.

Thank You again, Sylvia

Remember to do the small things because you never know when they will become large things.

Happy Crafting!

With inky fingers,

Joni 🙂

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