Shimmer paint with an aqua painter.

It’s Technique Tuesday!  You can color the embellishments with the stampin’ blends or the shimmer paints. Simply dampen the tip of the aqua painter and then dip into the paint.   Happy Crafting!   With inky fingers, Joni 🙂

Painters defeat envelopes.

Did you know that the aqua painter can be used to seal envelopes?  Just take the aqua painter and fill with water.  Squeeze the barrel and swipe along the glue strip.  Seal and mail your card, invitation, etc. Here’s to making crafting easier and no more papercuts on your tongue. Happy Crafting! With inky fingers,Continue reading “Painters defeat envelopes.”

How to roll with your aqua painter.

Some of our tools have more than one use thankfully.  Here’s how to use your aqua painter for more than just painting.  Before you start you will want to make sure that the plastic is smooth on the end without the cap.  If it’s not then grab a nail file or some fine grit sandContinue reading “How to roll with your aqua painter.”

Aqua painter is not just for painting.

Have you ever stuck an embellishment or accent piece on with your dimensionals and you can see the edges of them sticking out?  Then get your aqua painter out.  No, I haven’t lost my mind.  I did just say aqua painter.  The top of it or the rounded end is perfect for giving a bitContinue reading “Aqua painter is not just for painting.”

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