The twinkle in your eye.

I am reminded that it is often the little things that make or break you.  Last night was a great reminder of this.  I was at one of the local elementary schools for their Trunk or Treat.  As sugary kids are running around like crazy zombies I had one child that approached my booth.  He didn’t ask for anything.  He just stood there.  He was a cute Spiderman but just stood there patiently waiting.  After the other kids had gone he looked up and said “trick or treat”.  He was so sweet, respectful, and patient.  If I could have given him the whole bucket of candy I would have.  He reached in and very carefully picked his one piece.  Not a handful, but one piece.  And his reply, “thank you”.  I thanked him for being patient and proceeded to give him a handful of treats.  His eyes lit up as I explained it was for being good.  He skipped away talking about how much candy he got.  Little does he know that what he did was bring back that twinkle in my eyes as well.

This story reminded me how a little patience, an extra smile, and maybe an extra piece of candy can go a long way.  Go and make an impact with your ripples.  You never know how that little something will make such a difference to turn someone’s day, week, year, or life around.

Happy Crafting!

With inky fingers,

Joni 🙂

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