Stamping is not just for paper.

Remember to think outside the box.  You can stamp on more than just cardstock.  Recently I ran across an idea to stamp on wood to create those signs that it seems everyone is doing right now.  If you stamp on glass with basic black you will want to take a heat gun to fully dryContinue reading “Stamping is not just for paper.”

New technique…turning paste into fluff!

On last night’s Facebook Live I turned embossing paste into fluff!  You take a heat gun to it until it changes texture. With practice this becomes very realistic.  You can see the difference between my first attempt on the card and my second on the stocking.  The only tip I have so far is toContinue reading “New technique…turning paste into fluff!”

Embossing buddy is not just for embossing.

So today we are going to explore how to use a product in a way it was not intended.  I am sure that you know the embossing buddy is used to take static out of paper or cardstock.  But, did you know, that the buddy can also be used to remove adhesive or sticky spots.Continue reading “Embossing buddy is not just for embossing.”

Sometimes backwards is the right way.

I was the kid that walked to school backwards just because I could.  And my Mom was saying the whole time “please turn around so you don’t trip and fall”.  Well, that was the first time.  By the end of the treck she was telling me somewhat forcefully to “walk right”.  Well, I didn’t die,Continue reading “Sometimes backwards is the right way.”

Cling wrap for the craft room?

I bet you are wondering if I have lost it completely.  Well, I have another tip for you from the kitchen.  Take that cling wrap and cover your shirt to not get paint, ink, food, whatever.  When you are done just peel right off. This might just save you enough time to actually drink thatContinue reading “Cling wrap for the craft room?”

How to stay consistent with punching

When you look at your products sometimes you need to look upside down and sideways.  Did you know a circle punch can create a scalloped border?  A pair of sunglasses becomes a mustache?  I’m sure there are plenty more but you get the idea. When you punch for the border, for example, you want yourContinue reading “How to stay consistent with punching”

Enamel dots are not just for projects

Do you have a hard time finding out what color is what in your re-inker bottles?  Mine are all stacked up and I often can’t read the side.  Or I have had to wipe the side of the bottle (because we had too much fun) and now the label isn’t all there.  Here’s an ideaContinue reading “Enamel dots are not just for projects”

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