Seasons for paying it forward.

It’s Friendship Friday! This is the day to focus on giving back or paying it forward.

Even though I live in the desert where there is not much to speak of when talking about the four seasons, I want to remind you that there are seasons. The seasons I am talking about are both literal and figurative. The literal ones I know you can figure it out so I will go on to explain the figurative ones.

The figurative seasons I am talking about are where you are in life. Generally speaking as you grow older you are able to help more. Since you have more wisdom you know how to do things and also to advise. But when you are younger you tend to not have the wisdom but you do have the energy. I would encourage you in every season to recognize what you have.

So when you are younger help more with the physical things. And as your body can’t do as much then help with how to do things or the planning stages.

I want you to realize that not every season in life has all things. And some seasons you are blessed with others helping and you can’t do much. So whatever season you are in, learn from it. Learn how to take a compliment or some help. Learn how to help or how to advise. But whatever it is, do it with kindness and good intent.

Happy Crafting!

With inky fingers,

Joni 🙂

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