Club Order

For a Club Order to qualify it needs to be placed online with the proper host code and be $50 or more in product and you will get your choice of one of three bonus or free products. The host code will be valid from the 1st to the 15th and then another code from the 16th to the end of the month. If the Crafter wishes to place the order through me, the demonstrator, then it will be submitted on the 1st or 16th. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and cannot be split between two people. Only one offer per Crafter per the two week rotation. Redemptions will be mailed 10 days after the ordering period has finished.

For this Club from May 16-31 order $50 or more in product with host code WKMRPTYN or using the link https://www.stampinup.com?hostcode=WKMRPTYN to qualify. (You can also place your order directly with me but it will not be submitted until June 1.) (If you would like me to help you submit your order online please contact me.)

After ordering online please contact me via email, message, or text with your choice of your bonus. Your choice needs to be submitted before the order period ends. The choices are listed below.

  • Silicone Craft Sheet (Annual Catalog page 127)
  • Masking Paper (Annual Catalog page 149)
  • Kraft 6″ X 6″ Paper (Annual Catalog page 139)

This cannot be combined with Craft Class or any other offer. This offer is not for my Team as I do quarterly gifts for all active demonstrators on my Team that are not in a pending status.

Facebook Live Give-Away

On the Facebook page, https://facebook.com/StampingWithJoni, there is a Facebook Live every Wednesday at 7 pm (unless it is a major holiday) that runs just under an hour. There will be a question of the day presented. When you reply you will need to comment with #prize at the beginning of your reply with a space followed by your answer. You can comment more than once but only one entry per person. Each entry will be given a ticket. At the end of the Live a ticket will be pulled to win the raffle prize. You will need to be present and comment to claim your prize.

If you have a friend attend that normally does not please have them comment with “Hi I am Joni (their name) and Joan (your name) shared this with me.” Joni and Joan will both get one extra ticket for the raffle.

Your prize will be mailed to you. This prize is for all Crafters including my Team Members.

Craft Class

The Craft Class is online only. * This Class will center around one collection, suite, or bundle. That way, you can see what variety of projects you can create using the same set. There will usually be at least one card but I also want to help you create 3D projects, organizers, tags, pockets, albums, and more. Papercrafting has so much more to offer than the two dimensions that cards give us.

This Class will run from the 16th of each month through the 15th of the following month. So if the sign up period starts in June but finishes in July then it will be called July’s Craft Class. This is because you will be receiving it through the mail in July.

By the last business day of the month you will need to purchase the stamp set with the proper host code to qualify for the Class to be FREE (just pay $7 for S&H). For my Team Members you will need to email me an order number with the product dollar amount of the order and date to qualify.

Cost for the class is $15 for Crafters without the purchase of the stamp set and $10 for Team Members.

The video, photos, and written directions with no materials will be available for $5 per Crafter. Team Members get this for FREE.

On the 10th of each month I will invoice you for the chosen method of taking the class. The invoice must be paid by the 15th.

Classes will ship the week of the 16th.

Please note that if any of the dates fall on a Sunday or holiday they will be on the next business day.

*If you prefer an in-person option you can attend the Open Session every last Saturday of the month any time from 10-3. Drinks will be provided but please bring your own snacks if needed. Stay the entire time or just for a minute.

VIP Status

There is no longer a separate VIP event that is held.

In order to be considered a VIP you must host an event, submit a $150 or more in product order, or be a Team Member during the current Annual Catalog. Being a VIP allows first access to the BOGO event and exclusive thank you gifts during the Open Houses.

Retired Items

Retired items (as well as cash and carry products [adhesive, kits, mats, etc]) will be available every first Saturday at the 29 Palms Farmers’ Market as well as on the second Saturday at the Landers’ Craft Fair in Belfield Hall from 10-2. They will also be available in April for the BOGO sale.

And this is starting to get too long so hosts have their very own tab. Take a look at the host tab to learn how to invite your friends and get FREE products!

If you have questions or feedback please feel free to contact me.

Happy Crafting!

With inky fingers,

Joni 🙂

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